About Us

Abe's Furniture has a long history in Vancouver. After moving to Vancouver, from Europe in 1948, Abe and Goldie Miedzygorski became a fixture on Main 
Street, running Abe's Second Hand Store for 33 years. They ran the store from 1961 until they "retired" in 1994. Retirement meant coming to the store 
at 11 a.m. instead of 9 a.m. and spending a couple of hours giving their son, Sid, tips on how to run the business.

Read more about Goldie & Abe in 'She found her paradise in Vancouver 

A New Generation.

Sid had taken Abe's Furniture to a new level. Our business these days is from new, solid wood furniture built by local artisans. We build custom 
furniture, anything from bedside tables to built-in entertainment centres.

If you don't see a picture on our website of what you are looking for, we can custom build a piece for you!

The Main Street store is closed but our factory is always open and you can contact us anytime by phone or email. Call Sid to make an appointment to see 
our show room at 1599 Venables Street.


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